Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Simple Things

So today God has definitely brought to my attention some of the simple things in life to enjoy. First of all, just being able to wake up and get out of bed. I will honestly say, I think I've taken that for granted for a lot of years. I know there are many, many people in the world who are not even able to do that due to health problems. Today is just such a beautiful day even though there is a little chill in the air but that is just another sign that Fall has hit. The leaves are slowly falling from the trees and changing color and it's beautiful!

I've already had the chance to get into the Word a little bit at church and am looking forward to studying it more later on today because God has put a certain scripture verse on my heart lately and I am curious to learn more about. It is Proverbs 31. I've only read the very last part of that scripture and ended up being absolutely confused by it because it talks about being a Godly wife and mother. Two things of which I am not yet. At the end of church today I ask a very wonderful woman of God about it and she told me God spoke to her about it and said that God is preparing me for something. For the life of me, at this very moment my mind can't recall exactly what she said God's exact words were. So I ask those of you who are Godly, prayerful friends and family of mine to please keep in prayer about this. Now back to more of the simple things I've enjoyed so far today....

On my way down the laundry room at my apartment complex, I saw two adorable doe laying in the grass. I happen to think deer are just adorable. I especially like their big ears. It just amazes me how God thought of so many different creatures to put on this planet. Their look and sounds are so different. I am a complete animal lover so it might be more enjoyable for me than others. I have a cat and don't know what I would do without her. She's my fur baby. I used to have two but my other one died about 15 months ago. I miss her dearly. I am the kind of person who can and will fall in love with an animal within the first five or ten minutes of being around it.(sorry about getting a little off track there at the end) 

Last but not least, today I am enjoying a delicious pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. My friend Monica figured out the recipe since she isn't able to go down to Starbucks where she lives and just get one and I for one, think it is awesome! I am definitely going to try to make it at home.

Some might say, "what's the big deal about these things you find such pleasure in?", but I think they are a big deal because I have been someone who is always so serious and not able to enjoy things in life when I should be enjoying them, especially since I am a blood bought child of God. Today God is teaching me to enjoy the little things in life and not be so concerned all the time with what I think is important and negative things. So I am gladly taking it all in. I hope that if you are somewhat like I have been and haven't been able to just "stop and smell the roses" for a while or you are going through something unpleasant right now, that you ask God to show you the simple, pleasurable things in your life that bring a smile to your face. He's doing if for me, He will do it for you if you ask Him to. God bless!

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  1. This is so so good!!! I have also been learning to slow down and ENJOY the life I have.
    I noticed in the past few weeks that I struggle with anxiety and stress.... I do not want that so I am praying for freedom.
    today my husby and I got up and worshipped and read our bible together. I noticed how much more calmer I was throughout the day... I had way more patience too. it was great!

    About proverbs 31... I adore that chapter. God spoke proverbs 31:30 to me at a very young age (about 16). Although you are not a wife (YET) you will be someday and you can start to prepare yourself now. Work on yourself. grow. learn. prepare your heart by positioning yourself to God. I truly truly believe that there is a lot you can learn as a single person (even if your main dream is to be a wife... hello that is me!) . Marriage is INCREDIBLY different then dating... incredibly!
    Take this time to fall in love with the Lord completely and wholly. He will HAVE to be the center of your marriage and it starts with Him being at the center of YOUR life.
    pray for your future husband (without a name in your head.... you may THINK you know wwho you will marry... but How ACTUALLY knows).
    Ok... I wrote a novel. lol. sorry. (: